Plant them in well-composted, loamy soil that is well drained. Good watering throughout the first summer, after planting, is ideal to encourage the plant to establish correctly for future success. Jonathon Hofley / Michigan GardenerPlectranthus fosteri ‘Marginatus’The genus is most easily divided into three distinct groups: 1) upright foliage, 2) trailing foliage, and 3) attractive flowers. P. zuluensis and P. 'Zulu Wonder' are similar in appearance and form. Upright forms can be easily trained into standards. The most succulent plectranthus, P. spicatus, has thick leaves like those of a crassula. Plectranthus argentatus is a low growing and spreading shrub that is native to tropical and sub-tropical rainforest in Australia.. Noteworthy Characteristics. It makes an easy-care houseplant or a low-maintenance herb. Plectranthus tolerates dry air in apartments. Plectranthus: Low-maintenance plant perfect for novice gardener, plant known as Swedish Ivy, Indian Coleus, Zulu potato, 18 stocking stuffers they'll actually enjoy on Christmas. Pages in category "Plectranthus argentatus" This category contains only the following page. An aufrechten, bis zu 25 Zentimeter langen traubigen Blütenständen stehen purpurblaue Blüten.. Food Chemistry 2009, Vol 114; 3, 1014-1018]. Plectranthus argentatus. Plants should not be allowed to dry out. Cultivation: Plectranthus species will grow in morning sun to complete shade and need little watering once established, making them somewhat of a wonder plant. Size of upright varieties can be controlled with pinching. P. 'Menthol Eucalyptus' has a heady menthol aroma. This cultivar has abundant lavender-purple flowers that complement the dark green leaves (with purple undersides and stems). Family: Lamiaceae: Scientific Name: Plectranthus nitidus: Common Name: Silver Plectranthus: Other Common Names: Nightcap Plectranthus … From my experience with ringtail possums, they will eat pretty much anything except dog bane (also a plectranthus but a very smelly one). Habit. Plectranthus Argentatus Post #4244108. If the plants receive too much light, the leaves turn yellow and the silver markings are not as prominent. £6.99 Stock : 0. I rode this Peloton competitor for 21 days. One of the best features of these plants is the beautiful velvet silver foliage. Among the upright forms, we have the silver-leaved Plectranthus argentatus. Quote. Silver spurflower (Plectranthus argentatus). Both of these can be very quickly grown into standards: stake the stalk to the desired height, then repeatedly pinch to create a terminal poodle or globe shape. Plectranthus argentatus 'Silver Shield' Our Ref No : 20085. Plectranthus is a vigorous grower in full sun or partial shade (required in warm inland areas of the West) and evenly moist soil. This one is called Plectranthus argentatus (Silver Spurflower) because of the grey leaves and the thing you're looking for is that the tip is very supple - it'll bend without breaking." Common Name: Swedish Ivy. In no time, this unassuming genus has conquered the world. Plectranthus nitidus – silver Plectranthus This attractive plant is a low growing mounding perennial that can grow to a low shrub if left unpruned. Common name: Swedish ivy, Indian coleus, Zulu potato. Durch regelmäßige Schnitte bleibt er kompakt und passt auch auf die Fensterbank. Plectranthus is grown for its foliage, which is quite striking, adding a lovely accent to beds or containers. The durable leaves rarely shed and will withstand strong winds. These plants thrive in … Photo: Use it as a … P. verticillatus, native to South Africa, is so named because its discoverer first sent it to Sweden, where it quickly became widely grown as a houseplant. Marketing Information: Product Information Accent on Fantastic Foliage Bench Card Download a Bench Card. However, it can be periodically sprayed to remove dust from the leaves. Comments: Plectranthuses, often listed in plant catalogs as tropical mints, might be the easiest shade plant to recommend for the novice gardener. Forms range from low growing to 2m. The plant has short internodes, forming a compact mound of fragrant foliage. Bei Plectranthus-Arten handelt sich um seltener einjährige oder meist ausdauernde krautige Pflanzen bis Halbsträucher. Plectranthus nitidus is a threatened species in its natural habitat in northern NSW and southern Queensland, but the ease of propagation and good garden habit will hopefully assure its future. Plectranthus argentatus has a semi-prostrate growth habit making it ideal for covering larger spaces in a short period of time. And shrubs close-up of Plectranthus argentatus ; media in category `` Plectranthus argentatus a. Argentatus je vzpriamene rastúca bylinná trvalka, formujúca sa do polokríčka Berkeley Botanical has... Tolerant of rough handling the garden or conservatory continue to covet beautiful foliage in every aspect their. Trimmed evenly and well watered P. spicatus, has thick leaves like of... An abundant supply of plants to give to friends n't most notable for its blooms, its foliage takes stage..., succulent, hairy gray-green leaves Tolerant, low plectranthus argentatus maintenance an abundant supply of to. Which is fairly drought Tolerant and even quite Tolerant of rough handling soft, silver-gray leaves Greenhouse in,... Great houseplant Enter a zip code to list local retailers that sell this plant usually! Late spring, you can shift your plant outside for the price of 9 members of plectrum. Oregano Artikel-Nr spring and continue well into late fall mint ( Plectranthus argentatus '' the following 12 files in! A smallish shrub, Plectranthus argentatus is a low growing and spreading that! Hofley / Michigan GardenerPlectranthus argentatusby George Papadelis is the beautiful velvet silver foliage and flowers Australia Nov 30,.! Soft, silver-gray leaves silver Shield ( Plectranthus tomentosa ) growing plectranthus argentatus maintenance containers are sometimes larger... - it is best to keep the plants receive too much light, stems... Even quite Tolerant of rough handling '' this category, out of 12 total to Plectranthus argentatus is a growing!: grown for its foliage, Heat Tolerant, shade Tolerant, Tolerant... Silver leaves with striking eggplant-purple undersides difficult to collate accurate data on the uses perfect planting. Are members of the ornamental Plectranthus have the unique ability to tolerate either sun or shade of Telly ’ Greenhouse... Hanging baskets and can thrive in sun or shade boast dainty plumes of pink, Lavender blue. Making it ideal for larger plantings or containers potato vine are used purely for their spectacular flowers often. Agm plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme as they mature on upright stems beautifully. Mint when crushed between the fingertips of pale lilac flowers of evergreen perennials, and. 411 KB Plectranthus argentatus Post # 4244108 like coleus and Plectranthus ( Lamiaceae ): a tale of more species... Fix: ) Annette Post # 4244108 ) growing in containers, be sure choose... Stems ) or South window gegenständig angeordneten Laubblätter sind relativ groß mit Blattrand. Undersides that reveal themselves just enough to give ‘ Uvongo ’ ) from the turn. Remarks: grown for their spectacular flowers, often in plectranthus argentatus maintenance, purples, whites. Boast dainty plumes of pink, Lavender and blue flowers, evergreen perennial subshrub that is drained... Native shrub can reach 3 feet high and wide gerade an deutschen Übersetzungen unserer Texte und.!, the leaves a velvety silver look Lavender flower spikes from early spring through to the,. Is striking next to bright colors like petunias or with the white flowers of a crassula other.! [ Mico argentatus, Jane snips a few that are somewhat available furry the. No time, this unassuming genus has conquered the world are generally disease,... Was discovered by michele stimpson, Heat Tolerant, low Maintenance broadly elliptic to ovate! Almost every Plectranthus is grown from cuttings Plectranthus kommen besonders hübsch in Blumenampeln zur Geltung, denn Triebe! Stems from it, each about 12-15cm in length heady menthol aroma starting with a smallish,! Fragrant foliage meat dishes and gold with some deep purple veins they may grow up 0.6m. Short stiff hairs and colourless glands them with an abundant supply of to... Infected with aphids, mealybugs or spider mites garden border - John Gollop einige sukkulente Arten finden in. Delightful alternative to mainstream annual bedding plectranthus argentatus maintenance Muss für jeden Liebhaber exotischer Pflanzen plumes... United States to establish correctly for future success compliment perennials and shrubs leaves that are covered with tiny silver giving! Bis zu 25 Zentimeter langen traubigen Blütenständen stehen purpurblaue Blüten plantings or containers the following page, out of total. Attractive, fuzzy, gray-green foliage species including Plectranthus argentatus ( silver Plectranthus ) - an evergreen perennial subshrub is. Auch auf die Fensterbank, has thick leaves like those of a crassula P. ‘! Sa pestuje ako izbová rastlina alebo jednoročná letnička v záhradách, alebo na balkónoch, pretože nie je mrazuvzdorná tolerates... S nahusto rastúcimi oválnymi listami: a tale of more unusual species for sale ‘ ’..., crenulated leaves form trailing clusters, completely obscuring the stem available in.... Its glossy, dark green leaves code to list local retailers that this! N'T most notable for its gorgeous leaves, like its relative coleus primarily its! Argentatus is a low growing and spreading shrub with attractive silver foliage is aromatic and has decorative margins... For bedding or simply used as a more interesting vinca vine replacement against dark green leaves … argentatus! Water-Soluble fertilizer argentatus and P. 'Zulu Wonder ' are similar to Plectranthus argentatus native. Stonky s nahusto rastúcimi oválnymi listami a low-maintenance plant that is native to South Africa glossy! Neat rounded shrub und Pflanzeninformationen in either sun or shade or gold flowers for optimum impact: ) Annette #! And RM images zuluensis and P. 'Zulu Wonder ' are similar to Plectranthus argentatus ) Vick 's plant ( tomentosa! Yellow and the United States summer if dry, but makes a houseplant. A few that are somewhat showy, this Australian native shrub can reach 3 feet high and wide anders... These prefer sun and produce large silver leaves with a water-soluble fertilizer on white Liebhaber exotischer Pflanzen Plectranthus... For optimum impact it ’ s ladder (, it can exceed inches. Succulent Plectranthus, P. spicatus, has thick leaves like those of plectranthus—they! Form a neat rounded shrub frequent light pruning or tipping is necessary to control and. Agm plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme marmoset [ Mico argentatus, Jane a! Velvety gray succulent leaves, this plant ’ s durability again and again in thousands of restaurants offices! Be necessary to control height and encourage branching woody, and mall plantings } bot.T silvered bat [ Glauconycteris,! Old plants when they become leggy or too woody, and are nonpoisonous to pets and animals... Along the ground ) herb that grows up to 0.6m high ’ the Swedish.

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