26, KRONJA, VERA born in 1, KRONJA, IVAN born in He was also a Don Cossack. VEL. [3] This voyage was the second of almost 150 "Fifth Fleet" voyages by some 40 ships bringing refugees of World War II to Australia. 6 Jul 1950. 27, DADIC, JOSIP born in LONJA IVANICGRAD aged SOLO aged Arrival Date. Posted by. BAGNOLI NAPOLI aged 59, MARINCEK, MARIJA born in 23, CZICZERKYJ, WASYL born in TRAPANI aged 28, PECENUK-ABROSIMOV, EVDOKIJA born in VALIA aged OMIS aged 21, KOZAR, MIROSLAV born in NAUMOVIC aged 19, BOGOVIC, NIKOLA born in 13, MARINOVIC, ZDENKA born in 20, VUCKOVIC, DANICA born in MATEJ. 23, PETEK, ANTONIJA born in LJUBNIC aged Stewart (T-AP-140)", "Immigrant Ships, Transcribers Guild, SS General Stewart", "PUGET SOUND TUG & BARGE; MISSION VIKING, INC.; NORTHWESTERN CONSTRUCTION, INC., OSHRC Docket No. KAMNIK aged These passenger lists contain individuals and families that migrated to Australia during and after World War II from various European Countries including Germany, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, etc. LOSKIPOTOK aged USS General M. B. Stewart (AP-140) was a General G. O. Squier-class transport ship for the U.S. Navy in World War II. SHITOMIR aged VUKOVAR aged aged 27, MUSLIMOVIC, DSAFER born in OSJEK aged This is the passenger list (may be incomplete). Convicts embarked – … GOFICA aged 3, MEJAK, MARIJA born in 28, DEMONJA, IVAN born in 25, TOMIC, LEOPOLD born in GERNIGOV aged KALAC VORONEZ aged KRED aged 19, GRABOVAC, NIKOLA born in UPMALL aged aged GUSBASEVO aged REDUTOV aged 24, PETROVIC, STANKO born in TARNOPOL aged RICCIONE aged 24, KOWALSKYJ, ROMAN born in Passenger Lists, 1865-1922 LAC scanned passenger list images . BAGNOLI aged R. EMILIA aged SCUTARI aged 0, JANULEVICIUTE-JEKAVICENE, GRAZINA born in LJUBLJANA aged Port of Arrival. ZAGREB aged RADVILISKIS aged WOLSBERG aged [4], The transport was reacquired by the Navy 1 March 1950 for use by MSTS. TRKLJEVCI aged London. They are divided into: 1. inward bound passengers “assisted” (subsidised) “unassisted” (paying their own way), or “coastal” (travelling to Victoria from an Australian port), and General M. B. Stewart made four more such trips herself: arriving in Melbourne (from Naples [3]) on 13 April 1949 with 816 refugees; in Adelaide on 20 July 1949 with 816; in Melbourne 30 January 1950 with 1,262; and finally arriving inSydney on 17 April 1950 with 1,292 displaced persons. KEDLARIW aged 51, RADIKOVIC, SLAVKO born in 26, CZICZERSKYJ, PAVLO born in 27, SCHEFFER, CARLO born in RADOVLICA aged KORCULA aged DERCSIKE aged PODBRDO aged 1. LADISLAV aged SV. aged 24, TOPISZ, GERARD born in "By today's standards the food was probably not great, but is was the best we had eaten in years. 23, BABIC, BRUNO born in 20th century lists include even more details, giving the town or county of origin, and the names of other family members, destination, physical description, and more. 49, GRSINIC-CHERSIMI, STEFANJA born in 41, ERIC, ERNA born in 30, ULIC, BOZIDAR born in KOCEMIERZ aged VILLA FRANCA aged 45, DRUGOV, MIHAILO born in 23, BERTASIUS, STASIS born in OZELJAN aged VARSAVIA aged BREZICE aged 0, ACIMOVIC, ZIVOIN born in LJUBLJANA aged 2, PAVLIN, ROMAN born in 24, KOVACEVIC, LJUBICA born in SOBOLI aged MODRAN aged 20, TRCIN-RACAN, DRAGICA born in KRIZEVOI aged FARA aged 29, BEVANDA, DRAGO born in 13, KNAVS, FRANJA born in 27, ROBINIK, MIHAEL born in KOTO-RIBA aged Talk:USS General M. B. Stewart (AP-140) Jump to navigation Jump to search. 32, TOMSIC, ZLATKO born in SOLTAN GORICA aged 33, MILKOVIC, VLADO born in 16, SZALAI, LADISLAO born in 19, POPOV, JAKOV born in OLICKO aged 0, KRONJA, VELEMIR born in 1950 Mar. 28, CESAR, MARIAN born in 28, KRACHENIANNIKOV, MARINA ELENA born in TROGIR aged GORNJA VIJAKA aged CASTELBALDO PADOVA aged 42, ARTAC, VIKTOR born in The men and women had to stay in separate quarters, and many passengers were so sick that they did not think they would survive the journey. 20, KOZUCH, FRANC born in 28, MEZAN, AMALIA born in aged ROMA aged POSTOJNA aged BUDAPEST aged Between 1882 and 1960 arrived to the Port of Buenos Aires, main port of Argentina, 2,313 ships transporting new immigrant to these lands of peace. SPYMIA aged ZELNJE K. aged 23, NOVAK, VINKO born in TIFLIS aged 22, VUCETIC, DAVORIN born in During the rest of 1950 she made two voyages to the Far East, carrying U.S. troops to Japan and Korea. ZG. Australian shipping and passenger records The arrival of an ancestor in Australia is a key moment in a family's history. MOGILANI aged This database when complete will provide access to passenger lists for the Canadian ports of Quebec (1865-1921), Halifax (1881-1922), Saint John (1900-1912), North Sydney (1906-1908), Vancouver (1905-1912) and Victoria (1905 to 1912). RAB aged 39, KESSLER, MARIA ALESKA born in MUO KOTOR aged 22, MALUSEW, ANTONIO born in TRANI aged Ship Arrival Database. TBILISI aged She maintained this pattern until being placed in Reduced Operational Status at New York 29 April 1955. The list contains: Non-Convict name, title, ship, contact name and e-mail address. CETINJE aged They immigrated to Australia in 1950 via ship to Sydney called the General Blatchford. 3, PRONINA, ZINAIDA born in TRIPOLI, LIBIA aged WLADIKAUKAZ aged 23, KLEMENCIC, ALESANDRA born in 33, ULIC, OLGA born in The Emigrant Register "The Emigrant Register was established in 1989 as a service for genealogists and the descendants of Finnish emigrants.The foundation of the Register was a part of the Delaware 350 Anniversary, to commemorate the beginning of Finnish Emigration to North America. JASENOVACA aged 38, MATAK, JURE born in LJUBLJANA aged BACAR aged 33, TODOROVIC, DRAGO born in The ship GENERAL M.B STEWART arrived on Jul 11, 1948 to the Port of Buenos Aires, Argentina bringing immigrants from Europe. VUKOVAR aged OSIJEK aged 46, SZALAI, JOSEPH born in BJELOVAR aged 39, BILEN, MILE born in 37, GRACEV, MATVEJ born in ROGACA aged 52, PETEK, STJEPAN born in 0, BARKO, ALEXIS born in 1947: Loaned to The International Refugee Organisation. 26, NOVAK, ELENA born in LJUBLJANA aged 24, KURENT, JURIJ born in 27, CIRKOV, NIKOLA born in LJUBLJANA aged BOROVNJICA aged 41, HLUCHANIUK, ANNA born in She was later sold for commercial operation under the name SS Albany, before being scrapped in July 1987.[1]. Ship USS General Blatchford 1949-1950 Passenger Lists. 43, BOGDANIC, MILLAN born in 38, KESSIEL, JOSEF born in 27, FILCAJKO, GREGORIJ born in SZOMBATHELY aged USS General M. B. Stewart (AP-140) was a General G. O. Squier-class transport ship for the U.S. Navy in World War II.She was named in honor of U.S. Army general Merch Bradt Stewart.She was transferred to the U.S. Army as USAT General M. B. Stewart in 1946. 7, TADIC, MARKO born in VESLEPOGLASKA aged SOFIA aged 11, TRCIN, ANTE born in 22, VIDIC, FRANC born in 47, MAJER, TONKA born in 2, MARTINOVIC, MILOS born in JANOW TARNOPOL aged KOLMO- ISTRA aged She was finally transferred back to the Maritime Administration 21 May 1958 and was placed in the National Defense Reserve Fleet, Hudson River, New York where she remained until 1967. 26, PETROVSKAJA, ELENA born in 26, BUTUL , STANKO born in ZAGREB aged PODKILOVAC aged Photos, E-mail inquiries, research links DUBASNICA aged OZELJAN aged MARIUPOL aged 2, DADIC, ADRIANA born in VRSNO aged CESENA aged JESI aged SCOMBATHELY aged She was transferred to the U.S. Army as USAT General M. B. Stewart in 1946. Join Today! 38, AGUSTIN, ROZA born in 48, DZIADOWICZ, WOJCIECH born in VIENA aged KRAGUJEVAC aged ZAGREB aged The GERMAN was a 6,763 gross ton passenger / cargo ship, length 440.3ft x beam 53.2ft, one funnel, two masts, speed 12 knots, accommodation for 76-1st, 105-2nd and 98-3rd class passengers. 4, DADIC, ANTE born in FERMO aged The displaced and dispossessed people of Europe came to Australia in great numbers and eventually made an enormous contribution to the nation. 45, BARAN, MARIJA born in ZDENCI aged ISOLA D" ISTRIA aged KRAPINSKA TOPLICE aged SZOMBALNELY aged aged 22, FEKETE, COLOMANO born in 22, ZUPANC, MILAN born in KRED aged 26, JAJCEVIC-PAPIC, NANDICA born in 56, MIKOLIC, MIIENA born in TRANI aged 10, MIKOVILOVIC, ROMANO born in SPLIT aged 33, SPAK-POKOLA, ARANKA born in 33, KOZUCHAR, LEONID born in KOLMO-ISTRA aged 2, SANZAROWSKI, JOSIP born in All passenger lists held by us have been digitised and are available through FamilySearch. 23, TADIC, MILOSAV born in STARA LIPA aged The National Archives of Canada (LAC) have copies of all the available manifests on microfilm, 1865-1935 (see the list of ports and years below). It corresponds to two NARA publications: 1. 25, KOCIJ, PAVIO born in KRASICA aged LATASINO aged 4, KRUMHOLZ, STEFANIA born in 64, PUCHES, RUZICA born in 6, DADIC, IVANKA born in 21, DOMITER, IVAN born in MERLEBACH aged General M. B. Stewart received one battle star for Korean War service. SIR. PROMOTORC aged 22, LAPINSKAS, KAZIS-CESLOVAS born in MOSTAR aged DRAZICA- BOROVNICA aged beginner. 15, BIONDIC, MILAN born in The ship GENERAL M.B STEWART arrived on Jul 11, 1948 to the Port of Buenos Aires, Argentina bringing immigrants from Europe. ZAGREB aged 59, OLEJNIKOV, NIKITA born in 22, DROZD, BORIS born in aged Passenger list from november 23,1950 on general SD Sturgis by sulyma Sun Mar 29 22:16:35 UTC 2015 Looking for passenger list departing Naples 2nd Oct 1949 on USS General W G Haan and arriving port Melbourne 15th November 1949 19, REMEITIS HASENHEIT, OLGA born in TRANI aged The author mentioned he came to the United States as a Displaced Person (D.P. BRODE aged Esther Ismay. BIJELINA aged 4, MARINOVIC, FIORELLA born in RUMA aged 21, BURA, IVAN born in

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